Friday, February 26, 2010

Ron H. On Audio Production

Many of the digital editing programs have a feature called Fast Talk. One can speak at a normal rate; then he or she can speed it up without changing the pitch. The advertisor can fit a lot of information into a thirty second slot. Time is money, but I feel the same way you do about the annoying sound of it. When I hear a commercial recorded that way, I usually think the company is cheap and fly-by-night. I would like to read what the rest of our readers have to say about this.

Ron Henselman
Thanks, Ron...the announcements I'm hearing locally sounds like they took numerous bits of audio, cut out any pauses or breath sounds, then pasted them back together, word hard against word.  Yes, the message gets across, but the quality stinks and it is rough and irritating....this is with a group of stations, not just one.
How is it in your area, folks?
Bud S. (

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  1. I've been hearing some of that "edited too tight" type of spots lately on Sirius/XM. Heard one from Ed Shultz this afternoon that sounded like he read a :60 in about :80 and they took out darn near every breath to make it fit. I have NO idea who the client was, though! All I could think about was the editing.