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KAAY Personnel (2010 Update) (Part 1)

A.J., in his old blog in September 2006, listed numerous personnel as to their air-name, their real name and the approximate dates.  I always wondered about how many were missing from the list- there were so many great people there!  I don't know how long the old blog will stay up, since all the music links have broken already, so I'll list them here again (hopefully, with better dates as I can find in research):

Air Name- Real Name- Year

Doc Holiday- Dub Murray- 1962
Mike McCormick- Jim Hankins- 1962
Sonny Martin- Wayne Moss- 1962
Wayne Moss- Wayne Moss- 1970-1976
Buddy Karr- Tom Bigby- 1962
Rob Robbins- Tom Campbell- 1962
Ken Knight- Howard Watson- 1962
John K. Anderson- Jack Grady- 1962
George J. Jennings- George W. Jennings- 1962
Doc Holiday- A.J. Lindsey- 1963
Sonny Martin- Jerry Sims- 1962-1967
Rock Robbins- Tommy Riggs-
Buddy Karr- Richard Weithan- Aug 1967(killed in Nat.Guard summer camp jeep accident)
Ron Owens- Walt Sadler-
Mike McCormick- Barry Wood- 1965-1972
B. Bruce Jenkins- B. Bruce Jenkins-
Ron Owens- Jim Pitcock- 1963-1964
Doc Holiday- Ray Brown-
Sonny Martin- Matt White-
Rob Robbins- Bob Spears- 1972-1976
Mitch Michaels- Nick Markel- Summer 1968-July 1978
Jack Lee- Mike McKinny- 1976-1978
Jack Lee- Gary Souheaver- Early 70s
Jonnie King- Jim Edwards- April 1969- Sept. 1972
Phil North- Phillip David Rowe- 1969-1972
Buddy Karr- Bob Mullins-
Clyde Clifford- Dale Seidenschwarz- 1966-1972
Doc Holiday- David B. Treadway- 1971-1972 and 1976-1977
David B. Treadway- David B. Treadway- 1983-1985
Doc Holiday- Al Eisenman- 1969-1970
Michael O'Sullivan- Bob Steel- 1972-1973
Marvin Vines- Marvin Vines- 1962-1978
Linda Page- Linda Pasier- 1976-1978

And, through a trusted friend of the blog (One Who Was There), more names, some of whom have joined us after this blog started:

"Here’s a few that pop to mind –"

Ray Lincoln- Ray Coday (deceased)-
Jack Randall- John Godec-
Joe James- Joe Coburn-
Dan Campbell- Dan Campbell
Don Payne- Don Payne- late 1970's into early 1980's
Stuart McRae- Stuart (Beaker Street, after Clyde, before Don Payne)
Dave Hamilton- Carl David Hamilton-
Dick Downes- Dick Downes-
Marvelous Mark Larsen- Mark Larsen- 1977-1979
Doctor Grady Brock- Grady Brock (??)-
Bob Nelson- Bob Nelson- 1976-1978
Bill Rawson (news)- Bill Rawson-
Terry Caldwell (news)- Terry Caldwell (deceased)-
Craig Hunt- ??-
Susan Rist (news)- Susan Rist-
Lee Frank (news)- Lee Frank-
Reid "The Rookie"- Reid Reker-
Steve Gunn- Herb Gunn-
Linda Page (news)- Linda Pasier-
Mark Winston- ??-
Harriet- ??- Harriet Coffey, 1978-1980
Jim Loundsberry (sp?) news- ??
Frank Woods (news, deejay)- Gene Stewart- 1969-1970
Tom Gallagher- Dan Goode, 1977-1979 and 1981-1982

"Perhaps some of the others could add to the list, and offer corrections or updates as necessary. All these people worked at KAAY during the ‘70’s, and in various on-air capacities. Many have gone on to have great success and remarkable careers in major market radio and advertising."

Also, after Marvin Vines was killed in a farm accident, another Newsman took his the words of Dave M.:

"John Philpott came to KAAY to fill the shoes of Marvin Vines, our Farm Service Director, who met his untimely end in a farm accident. Philpott stepped in and took over the job as though he’d been there for years. In actuality John Philpott was already well known in LR radio and TV as a story teller-par-excellance and just a wonderful, all around guy."

I understand that John Philpott is also one of the players on KUAR's "Arkansas Flyer" program:

This, in a never-ending quest to close the "historical holes" of KAAY's legacy!  I get more fascinated the more history that is uncovered.  As is the old philosophy, "Many hands make the work light" and thanks to those who can add to this list and dates!

Bud S. (

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  1. The KAAY Farm Show was hosted by Doyle Patton before and after I worked there 1982-1983.