Tuesday, February 2, 2010

KAAY Comex News

Bud....Here is a picture of the KAAY Comex News Room/Booth at the first location, the KTHV Building. See, the sign on top of the board? The window in the upper left was a view into the main control room. I did not spend much time in this booth, but possibly some of the early news guys, like Grady Anderson, who I have been told follows the blog, could offer some stories to go with it.

This room contained the teletype machine (which could be heard a little) where the jocks who had to do their own newscasts (after hours) got their wire copy. We used to have to go downstairs to the TV newsroom for weather information. Possibly we had a working agreement with the television station, or possibly we just "helped ourselves". TV boys went home after midnight anyway.

As a very young boy interested in radio, I visited KTHS (the not so mighty 1090), and it was in this booth that Earl "Pappy" Davis did his Razorback Roundup of country music. He had an engineer (Eddie Graham, who stayed on during the change to KAAY, when I visited there) over in the control room to play commercials, records, etc. for him.

Jerry Sims.....a mature gentleman who lives in Little Rock, and was always a big fan of KAAY. In fact, actually worked there for a few years, under a different name.
Thank you, "Sonny"!  And, yes, we'd all like to hear from some of the early news guys....they were as important in gathering and presenting news as was anyone else in the radio business.  I think, in fact, that they get/got short billing, in most instances....
Comments, news people?  They would be greatly appreciated!
Bud S. (staceys4@hotmail.com)

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  1. One thing I noticed in the background was the blue princess phone. I thought most phones were a regular black table phone.