Monday, February 15, 2010

Moses Records Last Day Of '72 Sale!

Boy, I'll bet the folks piled into this place!  I'm unsure of the deejays who did the spot; Barry Mac believes they may be the Sonny Martin of that period and George J. Jennings....maybe someone can confirm this.  What a great ad!

We mentioned Moses Record Shop in previous posts:

Here's the audio (compliments of Barry Mac):

 Moses Records Last Day Of '72 Sale: stream  |  download

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  1. Yep, Sonny (Matt White) and George for real. And it's probably the first or second take, because they worked very well together. The part about the "woffer" (woofer) is a good example of how they were on the air. One (usually Sonny) would appear to fumble the ball, and the other would have it before it hit the ground.