Saturday, February 20, 2010

Haunted By A Song

Sometimes, when I get up & eat breakfast on a Saturday morning, I’ll automatically turn on the TV and satellite system. Every now and again, there’s something interesting on History, or Discover, or TCM or AMC. Today, nothing struck my interest and I’d had enough news and weather over the previous week, so I started cruising the music channels. I’d remembered that Dish Network had channel 6014, Sirius 14, Classic Vinyl from the ‘60s and ‘70s. Well, well, well, upon tuning in, I got there just in time to hear “Fresh Air” by Quicksilver Messenger Service!

There’s also Sirius’ “60s on 6" (Dish channel 6006), “70's on 7" (6007) and Rock Show on Dish CD channel 959. (Direct TV has similar channels.) Most of you wonder, “Where has this guy been?”, but, with the busy lifestyle I have, I just don’t veg on the couch and listen. I’ve been thinking about linking the audio output to a Part 15 transmitter and listen around the house. I have a tiny one (maybe 5 milliwatt output, good for 20 feet) that reaches to another room, but I’ll probably put on a 100 mw unit so I can listen outside, as well.

Why? Well, why not? Plus, I’m in search of a particular tune that has haunted me since my Beaker Street days as a kid. The tune floats around in my head, the lyrics escape me, but it’s there, nonetheless. It was the sort of tune that was played late at night, not during Top 40 prime time. One day, before I pass away, I hope to hear or identify that song...I have not heard it for years, but it’s out there somewhere....haunted by a song, I am....

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  1. I have the Ccrane FM transmitter (along with free Zara Radio pc software) that works well. It also could be "cajoled" into a little better range with a simple Google search & a plastic screwdriver adjustment. For educational purposes only. :) Sounds great with iPod also.

    For AM, I use the Sstran AMT3000 to listen to music & classic shows thru some antique radios. Sounds terrific, especially on the big 1934 RCA console with the "tuning eye." I need to try some of those NYE Beaker Street shows thru a little handheld portable, that should bring back some memories as a youngster. That's how I mostly remember KAAY - handheld portable (or a clock radio with a LONG cord out to the back yard) and my collection of Hot Wheels, Matchbox & Pocket Cars.