Thursday, February 25, 2010

Ray Lincoln (Along With Mike McKinny, Or Vice-Versa!)

We've mentioned the great Ray Lincoln several times in this the end of this 'scoped audio clip of Mike McKinny, you'll hear Ray in one of his character modes.  I'll bet working with him was a hoot, with folks barely able to keep their composure while on the air...

Does anyone have any other Ray stories, about what it was like working with him?

Here's the audio:

 Ray Lincoln and Mike McKinny:  stream download


  1. Mike sounds a little like vintage Ray Tucker.
    1st beat of Bee Gee's "Nights On Broadway" at the very end.

  2. Just a minor spelling correction...McKinney

    Mike McKinney

  3. I glad to see this site continuing on. Just a minor correction. My name is spelled McKinney. I'll see if I have any other KAAY audio clips.