Wednesday, February 10, 2010

A Listener's Memories & Arkansas Ham Nets

I'd been invited by a fellow Ham radio operator, who's visited the blogs in the past, to participate in the Good Ol' Arkansas Phone Net.  For those uninitiated, "phone" means voice, not Morse Code and "net" means some sort of communication network.  Many Hams all over the country (and the world, as well) have practice nets to test their readiness in times of trouble...and, oftentimes, for fellowship, as well.  They encourage both Hams and shortwave listeners to tune in.

To make a long story short, I checked in on the frequency of 3987.5 kHz (or 3.987.5 MHz) lower sideband and participated in the net.  In the informal session, the Question of The Day was, "What prompted you to get into Ham radio?"  When it came my turn, I mentioned that, as a kid, I listened to a lot of AM radio stations, that KAAY was a big part of my listening pleasure, and that my radio hobby eventually led me to get my Ham ticket.  I met Tom, K5WTH, who provided the information below:

"Hi Bud, I really do not remember too much about the station. What I do remember is that my car radio and the one in my bedroom always had KAAY going day and night. On the weekends a bunch of us crazy teens would go down on the river and dance to the music of KAAY and at night we would also go to Shakeys or the Band Box, both are covered drive ins, and eat hamburgers and dance out in the open air; every car there would have their car radio turned up and tuned in to KAAY. The personalities that I do recall is Sonny Martin and Ray Lincoln and his alter ego which I always found amusing."

These are the types of memories we like to hear about, what fun KAAY invoked in all the listenership!  I'd also mentioned that I'd like to get to Little Rock one day and visit some of the attractions there that A. J. mentioned to me, before passing away...and WW5AA, "Lindy", said that he'd give me a personal tour of all the museums there.

Ham radio operators are a great bunch, in a wonderful hobby; I have never regretted getting my license...every where I go, or anyone I visit with, either on the air or in person, the door is always wide open.  It is a plus to find someone else (and there are many out there!) who have similar experiences, listening to KAAY (and other stations, as well as working at them).

The Good Ol' Arkansas Phone Net is called at 6AM Monday-Saturday and was founded more than fifty years ago, promoting family-oriented fellowship and clean operating; the Razorback Net is called, I believe, at 6:30PM Monday-Saturday (and maybe Sunday, as well), and, I'm sure, promoting the same friendly atmosphere- at least that's what I've experienced!

For more information, point your browser at: ., then click on Arkansas Phone Net.

Bud S., callsign KC4HGH (

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  1. Bud,
    Thanks for the mention of the Arkansas Phone Net. We invite all properly licensed hams to join us on the net at 6 am central Monday thru Saturday. Just good old Amateur Radio fellowship and ragchewing.

    Arkansas Phone Network Net Manager