Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Discount Records

We've mentioned several record stores here, mainly those outside Arkansas who advertised on KAAY. Now, here's one one from Little Rock! Barry Mac recently forwarded an advertisement for Discount Records, 4023 West 12th Street, Little Rock, AR. Listen: how many years ago has it been since you could buy a 33-1/3 album for $5.98, or even $4.98? Yet, they were discounting records at $3.89 and $2.99, respectively! If we'd only known....although, these days, CDs can be had for under $5, but, I'm talking about VINYL, man....

"Bob Robbins" is the voice on this advertisement...which "Bob", does anyone know? "Bob Robbins" also highlighted an album by Rod Stewart's, "Never A Dull Moment" on the Mercury label. This album is considered by some as Rod Stewart's last classic album of the early seventies. Since this album came out in 1972, it narrows the search down a bit to figure these things out. "Bob Robbins" had been mentioned on A. J.'s old blog, but I have yet to find the deejay's actual name!

Discount Records Ad  (stream) | (download)

This recording came to me undated. Can anyone take a stab at when it may have possibly aired?

There's not much that I've found about Discount Records, but I did find a cached image mentioning a claymore mine behind the counter!:,+Little+Rock,+AR&cd=3&hl=en&ct=clnk&gl=us

Wierd, huh?

Thanks SO much to Barry Mac for all he's passing on to us here at Mighty1090KAAY...we'll have more to post in the near future! And thanks to Dave S. for his audio help!

Bud S.

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