Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Joe Cocker concert ad

Thanks again to Barry Mac (am I embarrassing you, yet?) for these era '71 through '76 airchecks, aired on KAAY.  Barry has tapped into a slew of recordings he's sifting through, graciously sending along for all to enjoy....

This clip is a 1972 ad for two Joe Cocker shows, one at the Monroe Civic Center, Monroe, LA, the other at the state fairgrounds in Jackson, MS.  (Opening acts were Patto and Mark-Almond.)  Tickets were only $5 in advance and $5.50 at the door (the good old days...).

Joe Cocker concert ad, 1972: stream  |  download

We have more concert ads and clips from Barry to come...


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  1. Great concert. I was at NSU that year. No seat assignments. I was on front row center. Joe drank an entire case of warm Budweiser during the concert and pulled out about a pound of hair.