Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Jerry Sims Identifies "The Gang"

(We'd posted this photo in an earlier post and A.J. had also on his blog, and we thought it'd be neat to refresh the ol' grey matter by identifying these good folks...thanks, Jerry!  bs)

Bud....If the "gang" has not been goes: In the front row Bob Mullins (Buddy Carr #2), Richard Wiethan (who worked a short time in news-then became Buddy Carr #3 when Mullins left), Sammy Peters (A.J. identified him to me-unsure of on air name).....Back row: Daphne (Barbara Lewis), Emperor Holiday (A.J. Lindsey), Len Carl (KAAY General Manager in our purple basketball shirt), Jerry Sims (Sonny Martin #2), Bertha Sims (Jerry Sims wife #1), Howard Watson (Ken Knight #1) and A.J. identifies the other one as B. Bruce Jenkins (Comex News) We could not identify the driver.

A.J. was even confused with the picture. He, I think, had forgotten that Richard Wiethan came from WMPS, back to KAAY as a newsman, before he took over the Buddy Carr air name. I am not certain what name Richard used in news. Also I was thinking that I did not work with B. Bruce Jenkins, although I listened to him after I left.

This picture was made shortly before I left for television. (1967?) I think it was for an album cover. The Emperor acts regal, Barbara looks pretty, the rest of us push.


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  1. I believe the photo was made before 1967, because Howard Watson left KAAY and went to KMYO before then. My frame of reference is that I moved from Little Rock in 1966, and lawsuit over the Ken Knight name happened before I left.

    Jim Clark
    Rogers, AR