Friday, February 26, 2010

KAAY Personnel, Revisited

We missed one!  Something in Jonnie King's latest post triggered a memory...and I remembered seeing a "Ron Casteel" somewhere.  Lo and behold, doing a search on 440Satisfaction, there he was:

I mentioned this to a couple of former KAAY employees with no recognition so far.  He shows to have been there in 1980.  I remember some time ago, there was an e-mail address attached to his profile, but none is there now...he must have removed it, since I never got an answer to my inquiry, either.

Any ideas, folks?

Bud S. (


  1. Does anyone here remember Perciful's Drive-In on 8th & Broadway? They had the BEST footlong hot dogs.. I have some great news, they have REOPENED a new restaurant called Perciful's Famous Hot Dogs on Arch St. in East End across from Harvest Foods. The family is running it and the dogs are as good as ever!!

    The DOC

  2. Ron Casteel was KAAY News Director before and after I worked there 1982-1983.