Friday, February 12, 2010

Cars We Drove In The '50s & '60s (Or Wish We Did!)

I was sent a great link regarding cruising and cars...and many of us who listened to KAAY did it while cruising, at the drive-in, parked out in the country, dancing by the headlights!  There's  great music bits along with the pictures along with Thunder Road, the one and only song Robert Mitchum ever recorded!  Here's the link, enjoy!

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  1. I went to HS in Sterling, ILL, class of 71. After 11pm, we could pick up KAAY (Beeker Street and Beeker Theater) on our car radios. Had to be picking up a skip off the ionosphere, as Sterling is like 80 miles south of the Wisconsin Border.
    In those days, the few FM stations only played classical, and AM stations were loathe to play the long version of anything. KAAY played whole album sides of the best current (then) rock music. Many nights after unloading the truck at Kroger, riding around til 2am listening to the radio. A belated thank you so very very much for that!