Monday, February 8, 2010

KAAY Jingles

Station jingles...they're catchy, they stick in your brain...and every station had them (some still do, but mostly, today's stations just vocalize a rapid slogan or identifier at the top of the hour).  Some, when they caught your attention, they were either irritating or wonderfully unforgettable.

Here are some recently uncovered jingles for you to enjoy, compliments of Barry Mac! Hearing them again has brought back so many good memories...thank you, Barry!

KAAY Call-letter jingle slow tempo: stream | download

KAAY Call-letter jingle mid tempo: stream | download 

KAAY Call-letter jingle mid-slow tempo: stream | download

KAAY "Jingle #1": stream | download

KAAY Call-letter jingle "dry": stream | download

Bud S.

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