Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Mad Cat Records

I was listening to a Beaker Street aircheck from 8/14/71 and an advertisement for a concert caught my ear when they mentioned getting tickets at Mad Cat Records (among other outlets) in Little Rock.  Did I hear correctly and was this a store in Little Rock?

I'm finding nothing, so far, on Google, other than an indie artist outlet, a UK band & other things, but nothing related to Little Rock.  Does anyone remember this as a record store in Little Rock, please?

Bud S. (staceys4@hotmail.com)

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  1. Yes, there were Mad Cat Records in Little Rock. I can remember at least 2 locations. There was one off Rodney Parham across from Breckenridge Village...There was one in S.W. Little Rock. I am sure there were 4 or 5 in LR from 74-78 but they all went out of business in a short period of time.