Saturday, February 13, 2010

KAAY Personnel (2010 Update) (Part 2)

Comliments of Bob Nelson, who's memory is sharp as a tack!:

1). Steve Gunn's real name is Herb Gunn. It's been a long while, but he was at ABC Radio's Dallas facility in the early 90's when I did some automation software work over there.

2). Linda Page's real name is Linda Pasier. She works at WHBQ-TV in Memphis (another set of legendary calls letters...but that's a whole other blog).

3). Mark Winston is in Wichita, KS where he runs a voiceover company. I saw in in 1992 when I was up there, again doing some software automation work for a radio station where he was doing some part time announcing at the time.

4). Dave Hamilton's full name is Carl David Hamilton. He just retired from Radio One and lives in Houston. (Note that C. David Hamilton was Don Payne's boss at Radio One before he retired...b.s.)

5). Reid ``The Rookie'' Reker is his real name. I saw him just a few years back on my way to the beach when I made an impromtu visit to KTSA in San Antonio where he was GM. He now is GM of the Citadel cluster in Melbourne, FL.

6). Here are some other players that I recall from my time there:

a). Joe Franklin (News) - His son now works at the Cottondale facility, or at least he did when I dropped in for a visit in July 2008.

b). Boyce Barger (KEZQ) - He did run some paid religion on the AM. At last check, he's a Church of Christ preacher at the Highway 5 church of Christ in nearby Benton, AR.

c). Mitch Michaels (News) - His real name is Nick Markle.

d). Mike McKinney (News) and that's his real name. I keep making plans to visit him again in Little Rock where he was in the financial service business.

e). Mark Immerman - He fed the KEZQ automation system with reel-to-reel tapes overnights and ran some of the Sunday morning religion. I recall him because Mark was the very first person I ever met in the Cottondale building when I walked in to do my first shift. Since I didn't have a key yet, he let me in and showed me around what was still a very new building.

f). Scott and Crunch - Scott Wallace and Carolyn Poland. At the 1999 NAB (which Dave M. may recall), I ran into Scott Wallace's son, who was just a child when I worked at KAAY/KEZQ. After KAAY, I *think* that Scott relocated back to Boston (WMEX?) and Carolyn worked at KSD-FM in St. Louis for a while. D.B. Treadway may know more since he ran the board a few times for Scott and Crunch.

g). Richard Forrester (KEZQ) - Richard was the Ops Manager for KEZQ and I took his place when he took a technical job at KATV. He and Boyce Barger were friends and attended the same church of Christ in SW Little Rock, which I also visited several times with them (as a card-carrying Presbyterian!) :-)

h). Tricia Coil (KAAY/KEZQ Traffilc) - She merits a mention because she ran the Sunday night religion for a few months to make a few extra dollars. As Dave Montgomery can attest, she had a distinctive voice. One
weekend, while driving through Memphis on a Sunday night, Tricia had to crack the mic to read some severe storm information, so she qualifies as on-air!

i). Although not on the staff, there were two voice that frequently were heard on KAAY during the mid-70's but I can't recall the names: One was the owner of ``The Little Barn'' on University who voiced his own ad-lib commercials along with Bob Robbins. The other was the owner of a record shop out in Breckenridge Village who had a Saturday night remote. His name completely escapes me but I recall that he had a radio background in Tulsa and actually did some fill-in on KAAY when we were in a pinch.

Thank you, Bob!  So much information, so many people to tickle the memories!  can any one else add to the list, please?  Even better, can anyone get any of the aforementioned people to visit the blog and add their comments, please?  Thank you!

I am deeply in debt to those who continue to contribute here; without them, there would be no blog!

Bud S. (


  1. FWIW, I worked with the following KAAY air talent in 1982-1983: Dave Taylor (Program Director), Coyote Kinkaid - Ray Taylor, Dick Price, Fred Holland (Program Director), John Hardy - John Baldridge, Russel Jones, Glen Burkland, Steve Kelly (Program Director), Doyle Patton (Farm Director).

    And lest history forget, Tom Roberts - Tom Rusk took over Beaker Street when Clyde Clifford left.

  2. Scott Wallace did in fact leave KAAY for WMEX in Boston. He and Crunch were there for a short time in 1976 and 1977. I worked as their producer in 1977. I don't know about KSD but Carolyn did go on to work with KMOX in St Louis for some time.

    1. Scott Wallace and Captain Crunch were awesone on WMEX. I loved their morning show. Where are they now?

  3. This is Boyce Barger(Dave Freeman) . As noted by Bob, I did weekend over night air shifts as well as subbing for sick, vacationing, or otherwise indisposed air crew and running religion after the music shift. I left K-Y for the FM side, KLPQ-FM and was on-air 10-2am, then continued in radio & TV for years afterward. I'm a psychotherapist for a community mental health clinic in Benton, AR. now.

  4. WOW! I just happended to stumble across this site and how much fun to see what some of the people I knew are doing. I'm back on the radio believe it or not after retiring from KMOX. I host the 411 Show on News/Talk KRMS at the Lake of the Ozarks. We're on from 4-6 p.m. Monday- Friday. My partner is an Englishman - so we're billed as the "Odd Couple". "Crunch"

  5. Yeah KAAY! I just found this site too--great to read about the names I either grew up listening to...or worked with in Riverdale (I can't believe the building is gone!). Keep up the great work and comments, so we know where folks are--like Crunch--congratulations on your retirement! Haynes Johns (Beau Ryder--7pm-Mid Monday-Friday/Music Director)

  6. Found this site also. Listened to KAAY as a kid and then when I moved to Little Rock and met John Hardy and got to tour the station. Met several of the jocks from KAAY. Found memories and enjoyed lots of great music.