Thursday, August 6, 2009

Answers to Comment, re: "More Memories From Jerry Sims, a.k.a. Sonny Martin"

A comment was placed in the post mentioned above, so I forwarded it to Jerry Sims:

"I was a listener in Little Rock at that time, and I liked KXLR. But when KTHS became KAAY, it was a revolution. I have two questions. Do you remember the KXLR jock who got killed in a helicopter accident when he was getting ready to do a traffic report? And who who was the report for? I don't think KXLR carried them. Also, who was the first Doc Holliday?"

Jerry's reply was:

"I believe the helicopter reporter was named Harrison. He was taken to the airport, and was waving to his wife when he walked into the rear blade. Killed him. He was working for Cliff Ford at KMYO (Cameo). They had also had a pilot and announcer killed in a helicopter crash. I was in the KAAY Mobile Cruiser that morning doing...."Follow a car and win cash" When we got the report that the chopper had gone down. It was uncertain where the crash was first thought it was somewhere near the river, but it actually came down in a revine between a green of the Little Rock Country Club and Cantrel Hill. We went to the site and the two were still strapped in their seats up side down. Neither survived.

I worked for a very brief time at KMYO which was programmed by the original KAAY Program Director (the first Mike McCormack). Jim Hankins.

Although my first Doc Holiday was A.J. Lindsey, I believe the actual sign on Doc was Dub Murry.
Hope that helps.....Jerry"

Also, researching this on A. J.'s blog, David Lewis checked in back on 1/23/2009 and A. J. pretty well confirmed this:

Also, Ron H. made a statement about this, as well:

There should be a still-usable audio link there as well.

Thanks for the comment- and thanks to Jerry Sims for his reply!

Bud S. (

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