Sunday, August 30, 2009

RCA Broadcast Transmitter Archive!

WOW! Thanks to Ron Henselman for this great link to a website full of beautiful vintage RCA broadcast transmitters! In color, too! One picture is of the RCA BTA-50F at KOMO, previously posted here.

Go to this link and enjoy the beautiful pictures on this archive...thanks to Ron!

Bud S. (

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  1. The photos are great! When I was 15, I took an electronics class in high school. The course consisted of tearing apart old TVs and using the parts to build tube stereo amps. We had lots of fun tearing apart and building. We also did a few "science experiments" with the tubes that our instructor never knew about (or so we thought!).

    On the last day of class, our instructor took us on a tour of the local radio station, where we got to see the station's transmitter. It looked just like the photos on the web page. I am guessing that the transmitter was only 5K watts or so, but the power tubes were really impressive!

    Unfortunately, the radio staff wouldn't let us anywhere near the transmitter, and I've wondered to this day if this was because our instructor knew all along about some of our "mad scientist" tricks we did with those parts we pulled out of the old TVs and he warned his friends at the radio station in advance of our arrival!

    --Dave Schmidt, Manhattan, KS