Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Lynn James Checks In!

I'd inquired to Jim about more memories in the radio business and he is gracious enough to do so!

"When I worked with A.J., George, Hot Scott, and Michael J. McCormick, I was Lynn James. We had a great time.

My radio career actually started in Pine Bluff at KOTN-AM & FM. I left there to go to KCLA, where I worked with AJ and the gang. I left radio, briefly, and worked with AJ in the Waterbed business. Went back to radio in Little Rock to work overnights at K-Country, 94.1 (now KKPT), when it was a country station. Ironically, while I was there I did a short simulcast shift on KAAY and KKPT, following the show "Beaker Street Presents Blues Alley". This was all before computerized music scheduling. One night my first song following "...Blues Alley" was "An American Trilogy" by Mickey Newberry. I received a call from a woman in Michigan who took great exception to my playing (in her words) "Dixie" following a blues program. Let's just say I've had nicer calls than that one.

I left K-Country, 94.1 to work for KSSN, also in Little Rock with Bob Robbins (former mid-day jock at KAAY). I was there 14-years and left to move to Fayetteville, AR where I'm now the PM drive guy for Magic 107.9, KEZA and the Program Director for the station as well as the Production director for all 4 Clear Channel owned stations in NWA.

To say things are a little different than they were when I started in radio in 1971, would be an understatement. Regardless, growing up in rural South Arkansas, I spent a good bit of my leisure time listening to the Mighty 1090, KAAY. I remember A.J. as Doc Holiday, Sonny Martin, Bob Robbins, Tom Robbins (Tommy Riggs), Ken Knight, Michael J. McCormick, the late Buddy Carr, George J. Jennings, and a host of other folks whose names elude me right now.

Thanks for the site and for the continuation of the memories.


Jim, thanks once again for a great post! Also, thank YOU for the continuation of these memories! Folks, if you hear Jim on the afternoon/evening slot on Magic 107.9 KEZA, give him a call or e-mail and let him know you appreciate everything he's done and continues doing! You can also leave him a note here on the "Comment" section of this post.

Jim, please write often as you can with more KAAY history! Keep up the good work.

Bud S. (staceys4@hotmail.com)

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