Monday, August 3, 2009

Clyde Clifford - Then & Now

I thought both the KAAY and especially the "Beaker Street" fans would enjoy these photos. The "much younger" picture of Clyde Clifford was taken in the main studios of KAAY in Little Rock, not at the transmitter site at Wrightsville, where he worked his on-air magic. The still young photo of him was taken in the summer of 2007. Dale Seidenschwarz, aka Clyde Clifford, still going strong!

Richard Robinson (


  1. Thanks Clyde for all the great music and great memories. I learned many a drum part to the songds of the day by listening to you under my pillow in high school!! Thanks and God Bless you!!

  2. As a teen, the only good thing about returning from an evening out at a reasonable hour was to sit mesmerized under a starry Minnesota sky listening to Clyde Clifford's Beaker St.
    These memories came back to mind tonight as I watched Pirate Radio in the theatre with my adult sons. I felt like a pioneer rock-listener.
    Thanks Clyde, Glad to see you're still with it.

  3. Rick:
    I have many a fond memory of my youth listening to you so I could be 'in the know' with 'underground' groups, who later bacme calssic rock. Listened in bed as a teen as a crappy am radio, and falling asleep. I grew up in Kansas City, and all my friends were also huge fans.
    You're truly a rock pioneer.
    Keep on keepin on.

  4. Sleeping outside in the back yard on hot summer nights, listening to your show on a transistor radio is one of my favorite teenage memories. Thanks Man!

  5. When I ws a senior in high school and a then in college in Southern Illinois, it was KAAY that kept me sane! The only place to listen to grt music ws Clyde Clifford and Beaker Street. Some grat memories and you have my every ending loyalty and gratitude.

  6. Getting off work at midnight from KLGR, Redwood Falls, MN and spending the next two hours with you and Beaker Street and then Beaker Theater will always be a fond remembrance for me. I'm damn glad you are still at it! Thank you Clyde!

  7. wow, what a memory. i was stumbling around itunes and found some of the beaker street podcasts. that turned into surfing a bit and here i sit recalling fondly the days of beaker street. i listened almost every night with a crackly transistor radio in bed in thibodaux, LA. a friend and i made it through little rock sometime in those days and had to find... what was it? the little barn? also recall the night a group of us were sitting around listening and called in a request just to talk to clyde. fun stuff! thanks for the great memories.


  8. Jeff in Quincy, ILJune 11, 2011 at 10:50 PM

    The Mighty 1090 was the best station & Beaker Street the greatest & most original radio program I've ever heard. Nothing like it anywhere else!
    To you Clyde, a very late but heart felt thanks for all those wonderful late night good times. I am your friend & fan forever.

  9. Many thanks to Mr. Clyde Clifford for opening a to us teenagers back in those great days. I remember many nights that my friends and I would spend hours listening to the many great that nowadays are considered classics! We used to catch Beaker Street as often as possible being that we had no access to the outside world. Growing up in Havana, Cuba was difficult for us kids who saw American radio as an escape. Incredibly, on many nights just after 12:00pm, we were able to come across your show and listen to great songs of our generation. Thank you so much for everything Clyde! For keeping our Rock and Roll dreams alive for so many years!

  10. Clyde Clifford,I cannot begin to thank you for the spark you ignited in us, the many singers/musicians, I can still shut my eyes and hear you, and the music you turned us on to, in those days you were "Radio Free Wisconsin" no one delivered cool like you! thanks man !

  11. Clyde Clifford ,THANK YOU THANK YOU for entertaining me as a 14 year old 1968 . I listened to you for years late at night with a old tube radio. We did not have air just fans upstairs at my parents house. I would turn the fans on low SWEAT IT OUT,listening to CLYDE!THANKS AGAIGN FOR THE MEMORIES!

  12. I recall my friends and I sometimes driving around to find a spot to catch the bounce so we could listen to your show. For us in the Twin Cities, Minnesota, there were certain areas where your station would come in pretty good without the signal dropping fully and some areas where is would fade out completely at times. But it didn't always stay that way as nights with weather disturbances would move things around.
    Most of us would pile in 1 or 2 cars and drive to the closest hot spot was previously and see how it was. If the signal would fade out too often or for long periods of time, it was on to the next spot or explore for another place to hear those tunes and your commentary/insights on the music. That bit of adventure sometimes made the journey to listen all the more interesting.
    Needless to say, we all enjoyed the time spent with you and getting down with the music and the psychedelic sounds.

  13. 21 Sept 2013: Clyde, Thank you for bringing the greatest music ever to the greatest generation ever. From the top of Circle Mountain near Bartlesville, OK, your signal came in strong. We would often rush out the next day and buy that vinyl which still spin on my turn table. Ask the kids today what that is! Keep Rockin' and God bless.

  14. I was just in an art studio in Taos, NM, where there were a few photographs for sale that Arlo Guthrie had taken. That brought back memories of sitting in the car in a gas station lot or in a field out side of my small Iowa town. I think about every night he would play the full version of "Alices Restaruant". He would also play a great long song about the Titanic. JT One time I was in Arkansas visiting. I fell asleep listening to "Beaker Street" and woke up with the farm reports.