Thursday, August 13, 2009

Wolfman Jack and KAAY

Dave M. checks in today with some interesting information about when Wolfman Jack visited and sat in to deejay one day:

"Hi Bud - Following a couple of themes started on the Blog - related to KAAY's status as a clear channel (lower case) class I-B frequency "border blaster", and Wolfman Jack -

In an earlier post, Wolfman Jack was mentioned as coming to KAAY to do his show. This happened in the new Cottondale Lane studios and it was quite an event. Meeting the Wolfman was quite memorable as well. He stepped into the KAAY control room, took a short lesson on how to "run the board", and then the Wolfman Magic happened. (There were lots of "helpers" in the control room to make certain things went exactly right - )

>> If ANYONE has an aircheck of that night, PLEASE upload it to Bud, with thanks from all.<<
For those interested, there is a recounting of part of Wolfman Jack's radio history, as well as some high power radio history at this web link - . It won't take long to read, and I think radio history fans will enjoy the story.

I've read several radio histories about Doc Brinkley and his "medical practice", and he did work out of Little Rock for a short while. But I have not been able to confirm or refute that he ever broadcast on KTHS. He did found KFKB in Kansas. A good Doc Brinkley bio can be read here - and here
As you read these stories, think about how these would play in today's broadcast environment - people's hair would be standing on end !

Keep blogging!

Dave M//"

And we plan on doing just that! Blogging, that is!

For those of you who would like to hear some audio of Wolfman Jack on 1090 XERB, here's a link:

Bud S. (

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