Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Tom Perryman Checks In

Tom and I have been e-mailing back & forth a bit about his dealings with KAAY and he shares some notes here:

"George Jennings was a nice guy and he was the one I dealt with most of the time regarding cutting Promo's for KAAY...Mike McCormick (Jim Hankins) was a buddy of Jon Poston and they both had attended Southern Illinois Univ...Mike worked as a newsman at WAKY in the early sixties...and I know later he managed an ABC station in Houston... haven't heard from him in a long time..."

I'd inquired about the coincidence with him and the "other" Tom Perryman from KKUS:

"Well, I am from Texas...lived there until I was 24,...then returned about 1968...then left again about 1970...anyway...there was a Tom Perryman who ran a country music station in or around Nashville...and he was pretty well known in that area and in the industry....I met him once at a country music convention in Nashville and we had a good time talking about our identical first and last names. He might have been involved in a radio station in Texas...don't know..Can we confirm the name of the Program Director of KAAY around 1963-65? Jennings comes to mind, but my old memory isn't that dependable. Thanks for keeping in touch.. Regards, Tom Perryman (Tom Perry on air)"

I'd looked around on A. J.'s blog and saw where Mike McCormick (Jim Hankins) was the first Program Director of KAAY, but I didn't see any dates available for Program Directors...can anyone enlighten Tom (and us all!) about this, please?

Thank you, Tom, please keep in, and others, are living history!

Bud S. (

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