Thursday, August 27, 2009

Phil North airchecks, Part 3

Phil North has been kindly supplying airchecks from his days at KAAY, and here are three more!

The first is a scoped aircheck of the KAAY "Capsule Countdown" in 1970, where Phil presents the Top Six songs of the week. (Who's Number 1? Well, it's like a bridge over troubled waters...)

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The next clip is a montage of "intros and outros" from a "Souvenir Weekend" that Phil broadcast on KAAY in 1971. There's lots of Beatles and 50's stuff here, but Jimi Hendrix sneaks in, too:

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Finally, here's a commercial that Phil and David Treadway recorded for Little Rock Dodge, where the "Dodge Answer Man" almost convinces a, uh, "dodgy" caller to buy a new Charger for $2984. (I guess I'd go for that!)

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Thanks, Phil! (There's more to come....)

--Dave S.

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