Saturday, August 22, 2009

Ron Henselman Comments On KAAY Callsign Change

"This is a great post, but I don't think the call sign changed to KAAY in July. Maybe that is when the paperwork was approved or LIN bought KTHS. I might be off by an hour or so, but I made the recording which hinted of the change on September 2, 1962. I believe the call sign change took place at 6:00 AM local time on Monday, September 3, 1962. It was Labor Day morning.

A.J. and I were going to try to recreate the sounds of that weekend from what we remembered. I started work on the promo's, but we didn't get anyone to volunteer to read the phone book. It was tough to remember the exact wording over forty-five years later. After I found the original recording I made in 1962, the whole idea of a recreation seemed worthless.


Ron Henselman W9FT Melrose Park, IL"

Ron, do we have this recording? Might be pretty cool to post that, as well!

Bud S. (

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