Wednesday, August 12, 2009

"A King-ly Interview‏"

Our own Jonnie King (yes, we DO claim him!) has a wonderful website of his own, mixing old/classic radio and classic cars- and what goes better? Some of us have great memories of cruisin' along, listening to great sure to visit Jonnie's website, when you have several hours to spend- it'll be worth it!

Jonnie has done all the interviews of the greats in rod customizing for his website, but I'd like to draw your attention to when Jonnie himself was recently interviewed! It was on WGGH radio by Chris Hahn, for their first car show on the air...check this out!


Bud S. (

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  1. I've been reading all of the old posts on A.J.'s blog, many of them bemoaning the passing of AM radio, and I agree with them. Modern FM automated radio is so boring. No "live" disc jockeys playing songs, no patter, nothing but monotony. O course, I am old, and this might influence my thinking, but I lived in Little Rock during the first years of KAAY, and it was exciting. I was surprised, in reading this blog, that the KAAY jocks were so young. A.J., apparently was only about 21 or so when he became program director and the second Doc Holiday. Maybe, it was the exuberance of youth that made the station so different and interesting. I have one question. I would swear that, during the British invasion back in 1964, KAAY had a late night jock who called himself Bill Shakespeare. Does anyone remember that?

    Jim Clark
    Rogers, Arkansas