Thursday, August 13, 2009

Clear-Channel Frequency Update, from Dave M.

Regarding our recent posts on clear-channel stations, Dave M. contributes a website, as well, listing the clear-channel frequencies:

" is a link to a list of all the clear channel (lower case) AM frequencies.
I enjoyed looking over the call letters list to see just how many of these I listened to when I was growing up in east Texas -
KAAY is a Class I-B clear channel. KAAY is non-directional daytime, and directional night-time. KAAY shares 1090kHz with WBAL Baltimore, and their respective nighttime patterns "protect" each other so that KAAY does not interfere with WBAL, and vice-versa.


I, too, enjoy looking over some of my logs from when I was a kid..such good memories! Thanks again, Dave!

Bud S. (

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