Wednesday, August 26, 2009

A "Funny" about the KAAY Flying Saucer

This story was relayed to me by the late Pat Walsh, in 2004.

KAAY had a "flying saucer" created for station promotions. It featured a smooth, curved metal base, with a lawnmower engine in the center. Essentially, it was a hovercraft, with the lawnmower blades lifting the device off of the pavement a few inches. The saucer featured a seat with handles on it. The disc jockey (or whoever was riding) could steer the device by shifting their weight and leaning one way or the other. It was a great attention grabber when the station took it to shopping centers, and new business openings.

One year, the station was invited to participate in the annual Arkansas State Fair parade. Someone came up with the idea to attach a steel cable from the front of the flying saucer to the back of a station car. A disc jockey (Walsh didn't remember who) was perched on top, and since the saucer was tethered, followed the car down the street and waved to the crowd.

Unfortunately the fair officials placed the KAAY car and flying saucer right behind the horses. Apparently they thought this would be preferred placement for "The Mighty 1090." At one point in the parade, horses do what horses do - they relieved themselves. Well, when the blade of the flying saucer passed over the horse excrement, it picked it up and flung it all over the spectators on both sides of the street. According to Walsh, they were never asked to participate in that parade after that!

I thought this was a priceless story. Thank you for all the great postings.

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  1. Do we see Emperor Holiday over in the right hand corner of the picture?

    Jim Clark,
    Rogers, AR

  2. Oh, that's a fantastic story! Love it! A classic tale from the fun days of radio. Keep 'em coming!

  3. Yes Jim, that's "Emperor Holiday" himself (aka A.J. Lindsey). The photo came from A.J., as a matter of fact.