Friday, August 21, 2009

Question on Promotions From Jim Clark

You know, as has often been pointed out on this and A.J.'s blog, promotion was the genius of KAAY, and that's a touch of show biz you don't see with radio today. Some of the stunts were pretty outrageous for the times, such as the cow chip throwing contest. Some were just crazy, like the mowing contest. But all of them got attention, which is what promotion is all about. They also created listener loyalty.

Of course, times have changed but I don't know very many people who would turn out now to see a team of "supposed" disc jockeys play a bunch of hometown boys. I wonder whether any other radio station ever had its own basketball team featuring the air talent. Does anyone know of one? For the jocks who worked at KAAY, what was the craziest stunt you ever participated in?

Jim Clark
Rogers, AR

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