Sunday, August 30, 2009

Wonderful Memories And Stories!

Folks, we've been fortunate and blessed for so many contributors coming forward and offering great memories, stories and anecdotes...I feel like a kid again, reading this stuff! These comments reflect some of the awe and honor Ron and David B. Treadway feel:

"I'll bet this is an experience all of us would like to have had. This is truly a great story. I can imagine what it was like to have all of the hair on your arms stand straight up.

Ron Henselman"

"Hi, Ron!

Looking back after nearly forty years, I can't be certain if it was the RF that made that hair stand up, or the intimidation factor of being near that much electricity and heat. And there is a third possibility: the transmitter that some of us called Big Mama was (is!)a living being.

Whatever the case, I was extremely fortunate--Blessed is a better word--to have been the kid who got to work with Legends at the beginning of his career. I wouldn't trade my times at KAAY for gold!


I probably mentioned before that, when I was a kid, I imagined myself as a deejay one day; life took me down a different path, but I was able to enjoy some of the production experiences. I am honored to be rubbing elbows with these Legends, through this blog...thank you, gentlemen!

Bud S. (

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