Thursday, August 27, 2009

Flying Saucer

"Bud.... A follow up on the KAAY Flying Saucer story. Thanks to Richard for the picture too, I have a similar one.

We were lining up for the Arkansas Livestock Show Parade, which used to be a big deal, through beautiful downtown North Little Rock and Little Rock.

The year was about 1964 or 1965. I am the one (Sonny Martin) on the machine and A.J. Lindsey (Emperor Holiday) ...Robe, Crown, and all.....has the rope.

The idea was that we would have an on air bet, that I would win, so that I could ride the saucer in the parade, and Emperor would have to walk. We did not anticipate a slight problem. The saucer would hover well on a flat surface, and could go in whatever direction you wanted by leaning in that direction. It had a big Briggs and Stratton engine under the seat, and a huge fan under the deck. We practiced on the lot behind the station, which is now I-630. Problem was, the route of the parade was on streets that had a "crown" in the middle. Hovering only three or four inches off the ground, the saucer would head toward the downhill curb, and I could not lean enough to get it back to the middle. We had to hurriedly get a rope for A..J. to pull on to keep me near the middle. And yes, we were behind the Sheriff's Mounted Patrol, and yes, they did make messes in front of us, and yes, we did spray the crowd on several occasions. Sometimes by accident.

I know very well, having worked for A.J. at two different stations (KXLR and KAAY), that he was as creative as any Program Director ever. We would take anything possible, and not much of a budget sometimes, to promote the station. And nobody had more fun either.

I also have a picture riding an elephant in the Ringling Bros. parade that I will share with you soon.

Jerry Sims aka Sonny Martin"

Thank you, Richard and Jerry, for such hilarious posts! And, Jerry: since the Emperor lost the bet, you didn't blow anything his way, did you?

Keep 'em comin'!

Bud S. (

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