Friday, August 7, 2009

Retraction; Restoration

An unfortunate mistake was made on A. J.'s blog back on July 26, 2008, which stated that Dick Downes had been asked to leave KAAY. Dick found this and immediately reported it to me for removal. Since A. J. passed away on May 17, 2009, NO ONE has access nor maintenance over his blog, although the founders of Mighty1090KAAY are pursuing this matter.

To this end, it is our hope to restore Dick's good reputation. In Dick's words, to paraphrase, he saw that AM radio was on the decline, especially that of KAAY's hold on the market. He had a much better offer at a rising FM station that would put him in better financial and personal standing and he left KAAY on his own accord.

It is the founders' wishes of Mighty1090KAAY that all information posted on this blog is accurate and verifiable. We understand, however, that time dims memories, experiences intermingle and corporations change, causing rift in memories. We welcome this opportunity to set the record straight.

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